Eight Hours of Play on the No Shop Diet

I am fully aware that I’m just a week into this challenge, but I can’t begin to explain how freeing my ‘no shopping’ rule is. I’m so used to running all over the city to pick up this, return that, drop off this, oh shoot – I forgot that, turn around and go back, and on and on. Hours and hours on the weekends spent in stores and taking mad-dashes to the mall on my lunch breaks.

Now all of that is gone.

At first, I didn’t really know what to do with myself. So, like, I can just go… home? Straight home from work? Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. Just go home. Or to the library, which is what I did yesterday after work. No pit-stops necessary.

It is so liberating!

I’m certainly not a homebody but I do love working on creative projects in our guest bedroom in my spare time. I’m truly at peace surrounded by buttons, paint and burlap. No seriously, ask my husband. They’re everywhere. And I’m totally at peace!

I remember when I was in third grade and we were learning how to tell time, my teacher mentioned that God gave us 24 hours in a day for a reason: 8 to work, 8 to play and 8 to sleep. For some reason that idea stuck with me over the years. Most days I feel like I get an hour or two at the most to spend in “play.” But now I suddenly have time to do the things I want without rushing through them. The only stores I go to are the grocery store and the farmer’s market, which is about every 8-10 days or so. Once in a while I have to pick up a random item like chocolate chips or bananas, but most of the time I can wait until the next time I go.

I go out for dinner,  have friends over,  go to basketball and rugby games, meet a friend for happy hour. I keep busy, but there is a different feeling to this kind of busy… it’s like leisurely play. I still don’t get the full 8 hours designed for us, but it’s a lot more than I used to get!

And to all you parents out there, I know this won’t be an option when it’s my turn! I promise to enjoy it while it lasts.

How many hours of play do you get a day? 


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