Dreaming of Elephants in the Sand

Credit: BuzzFeed.com

Credit: BuzzFeed.com

It’s been 12 days since I started this journey to minimize the amount of stuff in my house and to do as much for others as possible at no cost to me or to them. I still haven’t bought anything for myself, with the exception of dinner, gas and light bulbs, and I’m not experiencing much withdrawal either. However, I have this nagging urge to take a trip. A big trip. I have no idea if the trip idea is compensating for the lack of “buying” in my life,  but I can’t shake this desire for a major vacation.

I had a dream last night that I was in the bathroom at my office, and I took out a photo from my pocket of an elephant with his trunk covered in sand playing on the beach. I just sat there in the stall and stared at it, longing to experience it in person. (I don’t think I wanted to see that elephant in particular, just an elephant on the beach.)

So I bolted out of work and caught a flight to Thailand where I spent one day with an elephant on the beach.  As the sun was going down, I felt the worst guilt for leaving my husband and my job to have that experience. So I went back to the airport and caught a flight home. That’s when I woke up.

I find it interesting that I’m not dreaming about things I’ve quit cold-turkey (ie: clothes shopping, shoe shopping, using a gazillion paper towels to clean up a little mess, being wasteful and oblivious to it). But instead I’m longing for an exotic trip. My husband and I backpacked Spain & Italy during the summer of 2011, and this year we’re spending a week in Vermont at his family’s maple syrup farm. But I can’t shake this deep desire for a vacation to experience something new – something foreign – and something simple. Like an elephant covered in sand on the beach.

What are you desiring today?


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