JenniName: Jenni
Birthday: September 16
Location: Atlanta, Ga.
Reason for being here: I take things for granted. I spend more than I need to. And I often look to the next big thing for my happiness.

But I love to do things for other people.

For six months, I am on a personal quest to spend nothing on myself.

This includes:
– Clothes
– Shoes
– Jewelry & Accessories
– Paper Towels (No, they are not a toiletry, they are a luxury. And cloth napkins will work  just fine.)
– Home Decor
– Art Supplies

I will continue to purchase:
– Food (dining out and groceries. A girl has to live!)
– Toiletries
– Cat Food & Litter (… unfortunately)

This quest is two-fold. I will also be documenting the things I do for other people at no cost to me or to them. I want to see, with my own eyes, the endless number of ways I can have a positive impact on people in my community without spending a penny.

Many times, not giving is a great excuse for people when funds are tight. But I know we can do better, and I can do better. And I’ll be documenting proof of this for the next six months. Simple living with a purpose!


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