My List to Give Freely


My friend’s daughter, Maddie. She was relaxing on her mother’s leg while watching a rugby game.

It is really important to me to fulfill both ends of my personal challenge – to buy nothing and to give freely to others. No shopping has been surprisingly easier than I imagined. It’s still freezing in Atlanta, so layering is the only way to go. Don’t judge me, but sometimes I even layer with the same clothes I wore a day or two before. It’s not because I haven’t amassed an insane amount of shirts, leggings, and camis; that’s what made me start this whole challenge. I could probably go two months without doing laundry and never wear the same thing twice.

Some days it takes me way longer to decide on an outfit because I’m ready for something new, and other times I just kind of throw on what I’ve worn in recent days. (I should mention here that I’m one of those¬†anomaly people that don’t sweat easily, so my clothes could realistically be worn multiple times and I’d smell fine. Just so you know.) Once the weather warms up, my options will nearly triple. Dresses make up at least half of my total wardrobe.

Back to the other part of this challenge: give freely – at no financial cost to me or them. Time is money, no doubt. But my time and talents are all I have to give in this adventure. This is a list of things I’ve come up with to give:

1. Volunteer hours for local nonprofits (preferably animal shelters & kids organizations)
2. Make things that mean something to someone else (handmade pillows, paintings, photograph pets and kids, copywriting, cooking)
3. Connect people

Alright, that may not look like a lot. But I assure you that by volunteering, creating and connecting, I can impact a lot of people in my community. I’ve already got my first connection in progress…

What kind of things have you made for someone else that they weren’t expecting?