More Than a Quest to Live Simply, My Next Six Months

Today marks Day 1 of my six-month challenge. The idea came to me a few months ago as a quest to see if I could go six months without spending any money. I’m not a shopaholic, and I’m not a hoarder. But for some strange reason my house (and husband) says otherwise. I clean out my drawers and closet every couple months, taking bins and baskets of quality stuff to Good Will, yet somehow I continue to amass more and more.

This is more than a quest to live simply. I want to use what I already own while becoming resourceful and innovative to develop things I think I need. Instead of stopping by the mall to pick up a new shirt, maybe I’ll try to sew something or re-discover one I already have. Instead of buying picture frames for our wedding photos, maybe I’ll use my creativity & skills to build them.

The challenge is two-fold. Not only will I go without spending anything on myself (except food & toiletries), but I also plan to document the things I am able to do for other people at no cost to myself or to them.

Overall, I have three main goals to accomplish by August 1:

1. Become more resourceful
2. Have a deep appreciation for what I already have
3. Positively impact dozens of people at no cost to them or to me

Can I do it? Probably. I’ve psyched myself up enough to get started. And today that means unsubscribing from all my favorite stores’ mass emails.