Wait, What If I Need to Go?

Beautiful Stella is keeping me company in my office this morning

Beautiful Stella is keeping me company in my office this morning

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you couldn’t use a bathroom, so naturally, that’s all you could think about? That’s exactly what life is like when you make the decision to quit shopping. I constantly have this weird urge in my gut, like, wait – what if I need to go!?

The first ‘oh crap!’ moment happened yesterday when I started to clean out the cats’ litter box. I only have one box of trash bags (120 ct.) to get me through all six months and I can’t bear to waste a whole one on the gross litter that will only fill up about one-eighth of the bag. For years, that’s how I wasted trash bag after trash bag, but not anymore. As the box set on the floor with all the litter tilted to one side in preparation for dumping, I dashed around the house looking everywhere for something wide enough to engulf the whole side of the box for easy pouring.

Gift bags, little grocery bags, cardboard boxes – I couldn’t find anything! Finally I came across a large Bed, Bath & Beyond bag left over from Christmas shopping and it was perfect! For a split second I thought, well, maybe I should keep shopping just a little bit, if only for the store bags. Nah…

I can’t wait to see what I use on the next litter box dumping day!

…I just realized this entire post is about going to the bathroom. This will probably happen again when I do a post on my Vitamix – it has changed my entire life!


More Than a Quest to Live Simply, My Next Six Months

Today marks Day 1 of my six-month challenge. The idea came to me a few months ago as a quest to see if I could go six months without spending any money. I’m not a shopaholic, and I’m not a hoarder. But for some strange reason my house (and husband) says otherwise. I clean out my drawers and closet every couple months, taking bins and baskets of quality stuff to Good Will, yet somehow I continue to amass more and more.

This is more than a quest to live simply. I want to use what I already own while becoming resourceful and innovative to develop things I think I need. Instead of stopping by the mall to pick up a new shirt, maybe I’ll try to sew something or re-discover one I already have. Instead of buying picture frames for our wedding photos, maybe I’ll use my creativity & skills to build them.

The challenge is two-fold. Not only will I go without spending anything on myself (except food & toiletries), but I also plan to document the things I am able to do for other people at no cost to myself or to them.

Overall, I have three main goals to accomplish by August 1:

1. Become more resourceful
2. Have a deep appreciation for what I already have
3. Positively impact dozens of people at no cost to them or to me

Can I do it? Probably. I’ve psyched myself up enough to get started. And today that means unsubscribing from all my favorite stores’ mass emails.